Self-Hypnosis – The Basics – Chapter 5

Niestety tylko w wersji angielskiej… Hypnosis is an exciting tool that anyone can learn to use to make rapid changes in their life. You can lose weight, quit smoking, stop nail biting, build self-confidence, and so much more. But there are a lot of misconceptions about hypnosis that are stopping people from taking advantage of it. This video will set the record straight! Visit

How To Build Self-Confidence With Hypnosis – Chapter 3

Niestety tylko w wersji angielskiej… Self-confidence is an attitude. With it, you believe that within reason, you are able to do whatever you want to do. The root of confidence lies within the unconscious, so hypnosis is a great tool for building confidence.

How To Lose Weight Using Self Hypnosis Chapter 2

Niestety tylko w wersji angielskiej… Research proves people who use hypnosis lose 2 to 16.5 times more weight than those who don’t. This FREE video series shows you how to use hypnosis to suppress your appetite. It’s entertaining, and educational. Visit to see the whole series.