Share a Laugh when Stage Hypnotist Simone Invades Mark Joyner Man Space Give us a little kiss!

Niestety tylko w wersji angielskiej… The video serves no purpose. Don’t watch it. Unless you want to see behind the scenes laughter with Mark Joyner and Stage Hypnotist Simone

Zappos Interview PT 2 w Stage Hypnotist Simone Brett Houchin Make ’em Laugh!

Niestety tylko w wersji angielskiej… Brett Houchin, the puppetmaster of the blog at is the king of cool. He and his 5-person team at zappos have a wierd job. I think the job description is as follows: Have Fun. Make „em Laugh! In part two of my interview here you see another outtake of what Zappos filmed as a 30 minute interview on how, the brainchild of…

Encore Show Laugh Police – Very Funny! Comedy Stage Hypnotist Nadeen

Niestety tylko w wersji angielskiej… Hypnosis Queen Nadeen makes a man hate laughter and a woman forget the number six! Hilarious and impressive! To view more of Nadeen’s videos subscribe to her channel or go to