Niestety tylko w wersji angielskiej… A demonstration of deep hypnotic trance phenomena. Rapid inductions, various arm catalepsy examples, and hypnotic memory recall are demonstrated. This is part 1 of a 3 part series.

Hypnosis Video Relaxation Positive Thinking Part 2

Niestety tylko w wersji angielskiej… This is Part 2 watch Part 1 first. This free hypnosis video session includes binaural beats and hypnotic relaxation technology. For optimum effect use headphones. Consult your medical practitioner or mental health specialist before listening. Do not use while driving a vehicle or operating machinery. People with epilepsy or mental health challenges do not use this meditation without medical approval.

Part 3 ~ an induction in parts (hypnosis)

Niestety tylko w wersji angielskiej… WARNING! This video will put you in a trance when you watch it!!!! The final episode in an induction series using post hypnotic suggestions to reinduce the viewer for a longer journey than the 9 minute you tube limit. Enjoy! comment and tell me what you think~ (more)