Instant Tranquility – NLP Hypnosis to Relax Deeply and Stop Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Niestety tylko w wersji angielskiej… Instant Tranquility is a guided hypnotic session for deeply relaxing, which uses NLP techniques to lull the listener into a deep sense of calm, melting away stress and anxiety, and reducing the chances of experiencing panic attacks. *May cause drowsiness. Do not use this session when you need to be alert or drive a car machinery. Instant Tranquility is just one of several free…

10 Minutes to a Trance – Relax – Hypnosis

Niestety tylko w wersji angielskiej… Using a combination of Binaural beats, Strobe effects and a Spiral, this video will induce a trace in about 10 minutes. Stare at the red dot, make sure you car comfortable and you MUST use stereo head phones. For more info on Binaural beats see:

Self-Hypnosis Experience – relax and get hypnotized! Richard K. Nongard, LMFT demo. Learn how to hypnotize anyone! We offer a$39 DVD „How to Hypnotize Anyone”. Self-hypnosis resources, and more. 1-800-86HYPNO